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Did someone said Vargur? -03/05/05

We where camping in BC:s in komo at the Sakenta gate when we noticed a single Praxis jumping in. Being trigger happy we went for the praxis that got tackled by our alts. The praxis did not live long enough to see a vargur jumping in which we assume where working together. I ordered to tackle the vargur who was really good in mjd:ing from our tackle. What they did not know was that i had combat probes in place and could easily scan him down and warp other frigs on top of the vargur. Meanwhile i went and reshipped to a Kronos and asked for a neut geddon. While we where doing this a hostile neut geddon had come in and engaged our ships. When my Kronos landed on top of the vargur together with our bc dps it did not last long before it did as well. The next best target on the field was the geddon which also went down. During the fight we did lost one Brutix navy issue and some tackle. After the fight was over both sides typed GF in local. To henninng and his friends Thanks for bringing it!

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