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Sakenta station brawl - 09/05/24

The afternoon started like always with a simple catalyst camp. This time we decided to camp the new highsec wormhole in sakenta. Not long after we got in position Iguigu06 came along with a Draugur, a ship we could simpe not take on since he would just kite us and that would be game over for us. We hoped he would be aggresive enough to fight us elsewhere where we could get a better position to engage. Joanna Bayrid, Gaius cesar and me set a plan to fight on the undock. We shiped up to something midsize to see he Iguigu06 would be interested to take the fight. After a few attemps he decided to undock a Barghest which lead to me undocking my vargur after he redboxed Joanna. The ships did not last long under the maruaders dps and we could loot his wreck once he was dead. Gauis did unfortunatly did not manage to get on the killmail due to he decided to dock up and change to another ship. I do understand his anger since we did not wait for him to get on the kill mail but having a vargur aggressed outside the station with hostiles docked up its NOT a smart idea. Iguigu06 seems to have a lot of ships stored in sakenta so we are looking forward for more engagements and props to him to bring out the barghest.


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