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When you commit then you commit to the bitter end :) - 02/05/24

We had a nice camp setup with a Wolf, a Jaguar and 3 Brutix navys for dps. Our scouts had repported the hostile group but we thought it was more like and OBS fleet rather then a pvp one so we decided to stay on grid. What we did not know is they had two logi lokis and other t3s as support which was a bit more than we could handle. They warped in a vagabond which we quickly tackled soon followed by the T3s decloaking next to us. From that moment on it was more about what we can kill before we all would go down. We lost our three dps ships and the wolf and I manage to warp off in my jaguar witht he tail between the legs:) It was a well played trap from the neutral so props for it and i guess we will see more of you lads in space. Click on the screenshot below to see the video of the fight

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