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 Our approach:

We are an independent skirmish pvp alliance that was formed with one simple purpose in mind, which is to have fun.

Most of our alliance members are returning veterans with family, who believes the game should be played for what it is, a GAME and without all the mandatory and time consuming activities other groups have on a daily basis.

The alliance offers a simple and laidback way of re-learning the game again with the hope we all find back to our glory days of creating havoc around new eden, without the drama some Sov holding entities can have (CTA's, Structure Bashing, Blue doughnut etc).

We are a close knit group that enjoys a good fight and just type GF once the fight is over.


We are truly independent which means that everything that moves and appears on our overview it is a VALID target. You just need to undock and you will find targets in our main staging system to kill.

In other words no need to travel far to find a target to kill.

It can't get better than that. It is us against eve :)

Our main pvp focus:

- Camping (Cloaky/Station/Gate)
- Roams (Kitchen sink)
- Blops (Now and then)

Time zone:

We are primarily an EU time zone alliance.

Pilots operating in other timezones are more than welcome to join.

Area of operations:

We operate out of Npc space (Pochven and Venal).

This space with their npc stations provides us a safe haven from the traditional nullsec groups. 

This way we don't have nothing to lose or bother about and we can focus in pew pew only.

Our ideal pilots:

PvP Regularly (No mandatory fleets)
Interact in a fun, social and amicable way
Enjoys the challenge of being in a small group
Willing to take fights even if we know its a bait or us being outgunned.

Pvp opportunities:

Being truly independent means we are free to kill everything that moves.

We are our own and we don't answer to anyone and we have enough targets to feed our hunger for blood.

Isk opportunities:

How you make your isk it's up to you and the best you see fit.

But its strongly recommended to have a passive way of making isk on the side.

Once we are strong enough to contest the obs sites we will have a good income through the blingy loot from our targets.


It's as simple as using a Perun filament that takes you close to our staging or use a wormhole that is always 1-5 jumps from jita on a daily basis and you are there:)

Our diplomats:

If you are interested in speaking about diplomacy please contact our alliance director below or just join our discord by clicking on the icon at the end of the page.



Feel free to contact us, using any of the options below

1. Join our
discord and talk to us if you are interested in knowing us better.
2. Join our ingame channel called "
The morgue."

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