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Do you have any skill point requirement?

Not really but the more SP you got the more all-round will you be and more variation will you have in game.


Are you part of any coalition or have any blues?

No, we are completely independent which means we are not part of any group except our own alliance and we do not have any blues at all.


How do you make isk?

This is something you do on individual level and we are not your parents to tell you how you make your isk.


What time zone do you cover?

Currently we are mainly european.


I have several accounts, can i have a toon in your corp?

As long we are aware of your situation it should be fine. Our hope is that in time our corp/alliance will be your main and you can spend more time with us.

But it is also important that you are active and joining our fleets, otherwise i do not see a reason to why joining, right?


How active is your area of operations?

Well lets put it this way.

We have enough enemies to feed our hunger and more than we can handle from time to time.

But like everywhere else some days are more active thgan others.


What coms do you use?

We use discord as our main coms, its perfect for what we do and there is no need to install a third party software.


When will i be removed from corp/alliance.?

After one month of inactivity you will be removed, we like to keep our house clean of inactive toons.

If you plan to be offline a longer period please make sure to inform leadership about your situation.


Do you have space?

No, we don't want nor need space.

We are pvp:ers at heart and the only thing we need and want is targets and a good fight followed by GF:s in local.



Do you have any activity requirement?

No, but if you are online and there is a fleet it would be much appreciated if you join it.

But of course RL comes always first.


Do you have a logistics route?

Logistics are not needed now that we operate from Pochven where there will be a wormhole connected to high-sec and between 3-10 jumps from jita daily.


How many pilots do you have?

If you as a pilot requires to have hundreds of pilots to hold your hand we are NOT the right option for you.

Even though we are growing our gameplay is small and midsize pvp where you have to actually maneuver you ship and not just anchor + F1.

And we play with what we have, some days we have more people online and some days we have less.

We tend to keep our houses clean of dead weight


What's the goal with The morgue.

Our goal is to have FUN and just focus in creating as much havoc as possible.

By avoiding all traditional time consuming activities such like structure bashing, sov warfare, being part of the blue doughnut etc we have more time to actually kill people and collect tears.


I do not have any experience with pvp or iam low on skillpoints, can i join?

Of course. There is only one way to gain experience and its being out there killing and die trying.

Skillpoints its just a matter of time, so just fly ship you can afford to lose and fly with proper skills.


When/If i join what is the first thing i should do?

Read alliance motd and follow the instructions given. Grab a shuttle and burn to our staging area.

There we have ships you can buy or just bring them in from highsec using the wormhole.


Do I have to register my toons to seAT?

Yes. Please make sure to register all your characters to our seAT using the link below

The morgue. seAT
(None alliance members use the public registration option aka limited api)


Is your alliance war eligible?

No, since we don't own any structures we CAN'T get involved in type of wars.

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